New outdoor/indoor banner design.
The previous banner was too old and heavy so I made a new one and handled the print ordering also.
I did the logo design, lettering, and illustration and layout/print design on
this custom flyer for the Just Food Initiative in Adobe Illustrator.
We made sure to only use local printers to support the community economy.
New tablecloth design.
I did the print design for the new 4-sided tablecloth.
Promotional materials and Info-graphics I designed the layout, styling, and color design for for GFMA, the Just Food initiative, and their seasonal events and raffles.
Social media materials for promotional drive. I created
the layout design, color design, and text design.
Social media layout designs I created in Adobe Illustrator.
My Just Food Initiative presentation design done in Adobe Photoshop.
Just Food Initiative brand page and header design I designed.
Some of my slide designs for Taproot done in Adobe Photoshop.
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